Vasodrive-AP: Have You Tried This Natural Casein Peptide That Boosts Blood Flow Fast?

by Christopher Walker, co-founder of UMZU

This little known peptide is in foods you eat every day...

Researchers have found out how to isolate this peptide to increase its effects by astronomical levels.

With over 30 clinical trials showing the effectiveness, this peptide can have its a mystery as to why not all men aren't taking this key ingredient.

Vasodrive-AP is a patented ingredient that is derived from the protein casein found in dairy. Completely free of lactose this peptide has had amazing effects on men looking for ways to increase vascularity, improve muscle pumps in the gym, and even help their little soldier salute in the mornings!

Today we're going to take a look at some of these incredible clinical trial results researchers are raving over.

I put Vasodrive-AP (Amealpeptide), in the right dose, inside my Redwood supplement formula for a specific reason... it works!

Vasodrive-AP Clinical Trial Results For Better Blood Flow, Circulation, & Lower Blood Pressure

1. Significant Natural Reduction In Blood Pressure

"The reductions demonstrated in a large population could have a profound impact on cardiovascular and cerebrovascular risk. The reduction of blood pressure (BP) was most significant in treatment-naive patients reluctant to begin drug therapy. It is estimated that even a 5-mm Hg reduction in systolic blood pressure results in a 14% reduction in stroke mortality, a 9% reduction in coronary artery disease, and a 7% decline in total mortality." (source)

2. Boosts Blood Flow by Increasing Nitric Oxide Production

"Lowering cardiac stress and muscle damage may be brought about by VPP and IPP, which would be able to induce vasodilation and improve blood flow with increased NO level. Improved blood flow and cardiac muscle stress relief are benefits." (source)

3. Lowers Muscle Soreness

"Supplementation with casein hydrolysate (Vasodrive-AP) that contains standardized lactotripeptides IPP and VPP alleviated muscle soreness and fatigue induced by downhill walking in middle-aged to elderly men." (source)

These are just a few of the amazing results of over 30 gold standard clinical trials that have shown that VasoDrive-AP can help with:

✔️ Decreased Blood Pressure

✔️ Increased Blood Flow

✔️ Improved Muscle Recovery

✔️ Increased Nitric Oxide Levels

However, this unique peptide is extremely difficult to get enough of in your regular diet. So it's essential to use a well-formulated supplement that contains the correct dosage of Vasodrive-AP like the Redwood supplement if you want the best results.

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