Pine Bark Extract: This Rare "Tree Bark" Can Unlock Better Circulation Instantly

by Christopher Walker, co-founder of UMZU

Did you know that pycnogenol, also known as maritime pine back extract, supplementation can rapidly improve the health of your circulatory system?

Pine Bark Extract has been used since the early 1500s for its many different benefits. The most notable benefit that has caught the attention of scientists is its radical circulation enhancing effects.

Because of the molecules known as procyanidins pine bark bark extract is able to help improve the health of the blood vessels and increase nitric oxide production significantly.

However, you can't just supplement with any pine bark extract off of the shelf. You need to ensure that you get a high potency procyanidin extract to make sure you get the results that you want.

Pycnogenol is a patented extract of pine bark that up to 75% procyanidins. This is the most potent pine bark extract available to anyone.

Because of this extreme potency, we put this ingredient in our all-natural circulation enhancement supplement known as Redwood.

Redwood not only contains the most potent and effective form of pine bark extract but also contains several other ingredients shown in clinical research to enhance nitric oxide production by up to 200% WITHOUT the pine bark extract.

Adding these together has made the most powerful circulation enhancing supplement that is available - the Redwood supplement.

Did You Know...?

Redwood Contains The Exact Dose Of Pine Bark Extract Used In Clinical Trials For Better Blood Flow

This is the most convenient and affordable way to get everything you need, all at once, to naturally boost your blood flow!

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